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white-knight-suzaku asked: ""Alright but now I feel bad that I didn't get you anything. Is there anything you wanted for your birthday?""

"Nothing at all! I’m just happy to spend time with friends, including you! Really, I don’t need anything else…"

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alteredheartshiddensouls asked: "I see a Shirley I see a Shirley : P"

"That’s right! I just got back last night, but I’m finally able to come out and see everyone today!"


Sara gasped, letting out a small squeak as she felt Shirley’s lips make contact with her own. She could feel her eyes slowly fluttering closed, practically melting with every second gone by. Her pale face adopted a soft shade of red, arms wrapping themselves around the woman’s neck, one of her legs slowly lifting up behind her to involve herself more passionately into it.


Deepening the kiss, Shirley was overcome with the want to make up for all the missed time. She wanted to make Sara feel warm and loved. Shifting from her mouth to her cheek, she continued kissing down to the girl’s neck softly as her hands reached around to grab her and lift her up, suspending her until she moved to the sofa and gently brought them to it. While on top of the petite girl, she smiled softly through her pink cheeks.

"I missed you so much, Sara…"




"Ah, now that I’m back, I have to see him! Lelou? Lelou, where are you?!"


Lelouch heard an extremely familiar voice, one he cherished with all his heart. Turning to see his beloved Shirley, he smiled widely.


"Shirley!!" He exclaimed running over to her and hugged her in a sort of bear hug, picking her up from the ground lightly as he pressed his forehead to hers. “Oh my goodness is it really you?!"

She was well about to run to him herself when she heard her name called, but before she knew it, she was already lifted into his arms. Had he gotten stronger while she was gone? Either way, she wrapped her arms around him and smiled happily… the happiest she’s been since she last saw him. With her forehead to his, she nodded as tears started to pool in the corners of her eyes. She was just overcome with joy from seeing him that she couldn’t control it.

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derpzaku asked: ""Shirley! It's nice to see you're back." Suzaku said smiling as he hugged her. ((Aaaah hello there~~ <3 welcome back!"

Hugging her friend back immediately, she smiled with a light laughter. “Hey, Suzaku! It’s good to be back! I’ve missed you! How have you been?”

white-knight-suzaku asked: ""I'm glad to hear your doing well." He smiled. "Oh. Thank you. Yeah we should. And sadly no. I was actually working on the day of my birthday.""

"Then let’s do something together since we missed them! Besides, I got a gift for you while I was away, anyway," she grinned.

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concerning the give-away

{ i selected a winner on the day i stated it ended, so it’s done (: thank you everyone who participated, and i love you all ; ^ ; }

museguild asked: ""Shirley I...I need a hug..." Luluko said, quietly groaning. "A bucket of ice cream would help too...""

"I’m on it!" Shirley replied immediately as she ran to the clubroom’s freezer and found some vanilla ice cream. Bringing it back with a spoon, she set it down on the coffee table and then held her arms out for Luluko to accept the hug. "Tell me all about what happened or what’s wrong… I’m here for anything you need, just say the word."

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insanetilltheenddeactivated-dea asked: "Xan kissed Shirley on her cheek"

Covering her cheek, the Britannian girl took a step back, flustered. “H-Hey, Xan… don’t surprise me like that,” she smiled with a nervous laugh. “It’s good to see you, though! How have you been?”